Structural Integration

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Your body is an interwoven network of fascia, the connective tissue within which the bones, muscles, and organs are suspended. Healthy, free-moving fascia supports healthy physiological processes and promotes optimal rest and relaxation. Everyday stressors – including sedentary work- and life-styles, hormonal imbalances, and exercise – can negatively affect the health of the fascia, contributing to everything from pain and slow recovery from exertion to poor posture and mobility issues.

Structural Integration is designed to bring the mechanisms of the body into an optimal relationship with gravity using assessment and hands-on fascial manipulation. By improving the health of the fascia, this technique works to resolve pain patterns and improve mobility, thereby relieving tightness and tension and freeing the breath. Structural Integration is an effective tool for anyone seeking to optimise their overall health as well as those with performance-driven goals.

What to expect:


  • Allow 60-75 minutes for your first appointment.
  • Wear underwear or a swimsuit that is comfortable for you and allows for free range of motion.
  • Take time to get a sense of how your body is feeling and moving prior to the session.

    In Session

    • Your session may include work that is done while you are standing, sitting, and/or lying down and with very little draping – thus the need for minimal clothing that keeps you comfortable while allowing for movement and the work.
    • You will be asked to walk around at the start of as well as during the session for the benefit of assessment and the adjustment of the body.


      • You may feel sore after your session – it is important to listen to what your body is telling you.
      • Stretch and use movement to ease tissue. Less is more – slow down, and take care.
      • Try not to impose anything on your body or posture.
      • A warm bath with Epsom salts will help to ease fatigue.
      • Hydrate and rest.

        Booking and costs

        Session fee is $185

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        Angela is one of Wellington’s most experienced and talented bodywork practitioners. She has a profound understanding of the body and a natural ability to be an amazingly supportive, empathetic and effective healer. From the first session you will feel that she is there for you, supporting and facilitating your journey to better health. At the end of every session I leave her treatment room with a strong feeling that her guidance and advice will stay with me and that she's with me in my daily life, “cheering from the sidelines”.

        Katya Mourits, senior yoga, functional movement and qigong teacher.


        Angela was successful where two physiotherapists, several postural expertise regimes, one chiropractor, two massage therapists all failed over two years.  I had a muscle spasm running down my back that was debilitating and just wouldn’t go away. No matter what I did. I must have spent countless hours and dollars on trying to even get some relief. Angela fixed it in three sessions. Not only that, in treating it, she also treated a host of other niggles.  So when I had surgery on my hand for another problem, and the scarring and swelling wouldn’t go down (such that I “needed” to go under the knife a second time). Angela was the person I turned to. And she fixed that too.

        Two things mark Angela’s practice as exceptional. The first is the method she uses, releasing Fascia. And OMG the results are immediate. I used to be a health researcher who purchased services for ACC and studied treatment. I wish I knew about Fascia back then. It would save the country and a lot of pain for many conditions.  More than that, if you are a sports person, you will become immediately more flexible and faster. Even a sedentary old fart like me felt that.  The second, and far more important thing is that Angela is thoughtful, devoted and treats each situation, and every consult as a discovery process where both her and the patient are learning. Most of the other people I saw, by comparison, seemed locked into the dogma of their profession and were merely joining the dots.  Perhaps it is because Angela is constantly and restlessly enquiring about her practice, starting as a massage therapist, moving to structural integration. And she treated my hand with a topical lotion she prepared. She brings a heart and mind and constant discovery and a whole lot of love for helping. And that is rare.

        Nga mihi