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Structural Integration

Structural Bodywork is designed to bring the mechanisms of the body into an optimal relationship with gravity using assessment and hands-on fascial manipulation. By improving the health of the fascia, this technique works to resolve pain patterns and improve mobility, thereby relieving tightness and tension and freeing the breath. Structural Bodywork is an effective tool for anyone seeking to optimise their overall health as well as those with performance-driven goals.

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ATSI 12 Series explained


Angela is one of Wellington’s most experienced and talented bodywork practitioners. She has a profound understanding of the body and a natural ability to be an amazingly supportive, empathetic and effective healer. From the first session you will feel that she is there for you, supporting and facilitating your journey to better health. At the end of every session I leave her treatment room with a strong feeling that her guidance and advice will stay with me and that she's with me in my daily life, “cheering from the sidelines”.

Katya Mourits, senior yoga, functional movement and qigong teacher.