Magnesium Osteo oil
Magnesium Osteo oil

Magnesium Osteo oil

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Magnesium osteo oil 10mls in amber glass roll on.

Perfect to throw in your pocket or bag. This roll-on is amazing for inflamed joints. We have been having great feedback and results with aching joints.

Pure magnesium oil formulated with organic lavender, cypress, marjoram, basil, peppermint. To ease inflammation, arthritis/rheumatism, improve circulation, anti-inflammatory,

Did you know that: lavender essential oil is one of the few oils to still be listed in the British Parmacopeia. The Greeks used cypress to carve statues of their gods. Marjoram was once called the “herb of happiness” to the Romans. During the 16th century, the powdered leaves were inhaled to treat chest infections and migraines.

Use it as you need it

Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes, fresh wounds or burns. Avoid use if epileptic.