Magnesium Muscle oil
Magnesium Muscle oil

Magnesium Muscle oil

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Magnesium muscle oil 10 mls in amber glass roll on

Perfect to throw in your pocket or bag.  It smells like tiger-balm but feels like heaven. This is your go to for sore bits and niggles. We love it and we think you will too.

Pure magnesium oil formulated with organic essential oils: wintergreen, black pepper and peppermint to ease muscle/nerve pain/arthritis

Did you know that way back in the day, pepper was as valuable as gold or silver. The leaves of Wintergreen have been chewed by Native Americans to increase lung capacity whilst running or doing hard labour.

Use it as you need it

Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes, fresh wounds or burns. Do not use on children younger than 18months. Avoid use if epileptic. Anticoagulant properties may increase when used with Warfain or aspirin.